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Points to Remember While Raising a Car Accident Claim

Being a car owner, you must be well aware of the significance of a car insurance policy. You must be very particular about knowing everything about the policy that you would buy. Actually, the first and foremost reason for buying a car insurance policy is to get financial assistance if the car meets with an accident. The insurance companies have plenty of insurance policies that may have separate specifications and the car owners are always free to pick up the one that they find the best suited for them.

Getting insurance claims becomes a priority for every car owner whenever your car meets an accident. Here, you must be very distinct to know that you must complete all the legal and technical formalities that are necessary for you to fulfill. You cannot deny knowing the following points that you must complete without any hesitation or denial:

  • Intimating the insurance companies is the most important thing that you must do at the very beginning. Usually, the companies allow 24 hours to intimate the agencies about the accident. You cannot deny completing this formality at all. While doing this, you should provide the agency with all necessary documents that prove the ownership of the car in your name.
  • Filing the First Investigation Report (FIR) is the most important thing that you must complete immediately after the accident takes place. Your claim application can be incomplete without this FIR. You must submit the claim settlement application along with a copy of the FIR. Without this copy, your insurance claim can never be settled.
  • Your claim application cannot be complete unless you provide the photographs of the car that got damaged in the accident. You must ensure that the photographs must have the number clearly visible in them. These photographs can be very helpful in settling the claim.
  • Most of the companies recommend that the claims must also include some information about the car or other vehicle that was involved in the accident. In case, the accident has happened due to some other vehicle, then you must get the number, model of the vehicle, and it’s color. If you failed to note these details in any case, then you can take the help of other local sources that may have been there around the place.
  • You may always do good to find some eyewitnesses who can support your need to complete the formalities of the insurance claim. Having a witness can be good enough in favor of your claim.
  • Keeping all the relevant documents related to the claim is very important as the insurance companies may ask them once again just to crosscheck your involvement of the car in the case. If you have all the documents ready with you, then you can always submit them to make the claim process settled in favor of you.

Since you are a sufferer of a car accident, then you cannot deny completing all the formalities, otherwise, your claim cannot be settled by the insurance company. The best thing about the settlement process lies in the fact that the insurance company seldom delays completing all the formalities and settles the claim provided the paperwork is complete.

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